Monday, October 01, 2007

My Quarter Life Crisis

I think it is fair to say that starting up a business is a bit of a crisis time, so that is how I justify this buy!

Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fools!

I fooled a few people by wearing a wig out tonight. I think the best April Fool of the Day was when I stole mom's car. Check out the video... click here.

Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Official. I am TOO excited!

I am too excited to sleep! Ah! I was just in bed laying awake LAUGHING out loud and SMILING as I thought about Overflow and what it could be. I have been planning and working at it for just about 6 months, and I still can't believe I am doing this! God is really showing His favor as in the development, and it seems He may have bigger plans for it than I do! I decided since I can't sleep (it is 3:40am!), that I would take Audra C's advice and update my blog. Thanks for reading it, Audra (and those of you who are not named Audra).

Plans are Approved! Construction is Underway!

This was a great day - when I got the approved plans from the architect!

Choices, choices, choices!

Instead of paying people a lot of money to consult us on decisions, we like to do things ourselves. So, when we had to determine the size and shape of awnings to order, we decided to rig up a sample so we could confirm our thoughts.

We like to have fun when we work and we encourage it among our employees :).
It worked out! We were able to determine what angle and size we want our awnings to be! AND it was fun and a good memory!

Soon to come: Overflow Espresso Cafe!

The outside will look a lot nicer by opening, but you get the idea! Here it is!

Taste Testing and Menu Experimenting!

Margot is a great food rep! She invited us out to the test kitchen where we had so much fun experimenting with recipes and menu items for Overflow.


No More Cookies!

Rodney and I were SO full by the end of the day!

Ultimate Frisbee!

I played on an Ultimate leage this past fall, and am currently playing in an indoor league this winter. Love it!

Yes, we know we are different.

Andy and I took the challenge to see if we could comfortably fit two on my couch.

Let's Dish!

Andy and I had good reason to take Rachel up on her invite to do "Let's Dish". Making yummy meals ahead of time works great for us busy single folk and is a lot of fun!

On our way to Scrapbook Retreat!

We had so much stuff, that mom's trunk wouldn't close. We had to bungee it shut!

Flat Tire!

Uh oh! We did pray for a safe trip, but forgot to pray specifically for NO flat tires! :)
Slightly concerned about being stranded on the road, Rachel called Triple A to come to the rescue. Being slightly up for a challenge, I tried to beat Triple A to the job...
I was determined to get the job done and beat Triple A, but I could not seem to get the stinkin hub cap off the tire!

Thanks, Officer Gary!

I was really struggling to remove the hub cap until Officer Gary came along and explained to me that what I was trying to pry off was the rim of the tire. Oops.
After helping me with that small detail, Officer Gary, stepped back and watched me change the tire. Rachel took all these pictures, excited to scrapbook the event!


My apartment buddy, Jess, who lives down the hall got me into snowboarding this winter. It is very convenient that she is a massage therapist... I have been VERY sore after I get off the hills (I wish I could say mountain, but that would be lying).

Sleepover with my Boys!

I gave my nephews each a sleeping bag for Christmas so they could use it at my apartment. We had so much fun! Daniel ended up crawling into my sleeping bag and instead of waking him up, I chose to sleep in his 3 foot Snoopy sleeping bag for the rest of the night!

Let's Go to India!

The boys found India on the map and then we took a plane ride over there and experienced the culture!
I taught the boys how people in India eat, how they dress, what they do for jobs and how there are lots and lots of cows walking around! Before we flew back to the United States, we prayed for the people in India.
Nolan did a great job of eating with his right hand!

I taught them that people in India get Henna designs.

Notice the beatiful Henna designs on the boys' hands. I may forget the coffee business and open my own tatoo shop.

Yes, of course you can play baseball inside!

It's fun to be the Auntie that lets my boys do all the crazy things that may be against the rules elsewhere :).

Dress up time!

What kind of sleepover would it be without getting into Auntie Mol Mol's "Fun Bag"?!

Auntie Mol Mol




Silly String in the Shower?

I let the boys each spray a bottle of silly string in the shower. Gosh, is that why I have noticed shades of pink, blue and yellow in my hair lately?

Chocolate Chip and M&M Pancakes!

The boys were so excited about our breakfast!

Cheeseball Pancakes Anyone?

Daniel (middle) was not too excited about the cheeseballs.

Still Speaking and Loving it!

In the midst of all this coffee shop stuff, I am still making time to speak. I've been in a lot of schools lately as well as several church youthgroups speaking on the topic of abstinence. I have been getting a lot of emails lately from teenagers just wanting to thank me for coming and sharing. Several have written very heartfelt "thank you's" saying that they have made a committment to save sex for marriage. Yay! And thanks, God!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Andy and I took the train to Milwaukee this past fall for a serious mini-golf tournament (and some fun at the grocery store - see above). I know it goes without saying, but I did win that weekend. Andy is probably putting in his office everyday to get ready for this coming summer of competition :).

YES for Footy Pajamas and ADORABLE nephews and niece!

Wearing Footy Pajamas is probably the best thing about living in Minnesota.

I love my little blue couch!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Daniel is 2 and I am 25!

Please check out my "God Stories" blog to read why it is so special that my nephew Daniel and I have the same birthday. C'mon... I know you want to check it out. Just click here and scroll down to our story. Please!

Coffee Shop Developer! Me?

This was the night that I officially decided to go forward in developing a coffee shop/cafe in our building on University Avenue. After being presented with the idea 6 months ago, and spending time in prayer and seeking wise counsel, I have decided to accept my dad's offer of starting this business in exchange for my college loans being paid off. All so I can be free financially to pursue full time ministry and continue speaking. Yay!

I feel like a little girl playing house!

I can hardly believe that I really have the opportunity to develop and run a coffee shop/cafe! I never even dreamed it! Crazy the things God leads us to!

Sleepover with Gertie!

PLEASE take time to watch our video of how we met. It will be worth your time! I promise!

Girls of Grace (and Grime?!)

I prayed for free tickets to the Girls of Grace conference in September... and... yeah - of course - God got 'em for me! I got to bring a group of sweet girls from Tartan Highschool. I had met them last year when I spoke at their school. We had a blast at the conference and our sleepover!